The 658 Massachusetts Avenue building was originally constructed as a single-family home in 1865 and was known at that time as 16 Chester Park.

In the 1890’s the 658 Mass Ave townhouse was owned by Mary A. Campfield. The census of 1904 confirms that the house was occupied by lodgers, most of whom were from Massachusetts, with others from New York, Canada, Scotland, and Ireland. By 1908 the property passed title to Charles and Josephine Campfield.  For at least a decade (about 1910-1920) the federal census lists the head of household as Trueworthy Weywood a grocery clerk who apparently served as manager for the lodging house. The property remained in the Campfield family until 1974 when it was sold to Carl and Stephen Lizio for $20,000. 


Design & Development Plan

In 2013 the 7,000sf single family building was in a state of major disrepair and went through a historic preservation changing its use to seven private luxury residences. The entire building has been retrofitted with a high efficiency heating systems, central air conditioning and instant hot water heaters. All the windows in the structure have been replaced with brand new custom, historically accurate, high efficiency windows.


The construction involved replacing the main footings which carry the entire load of the building.  Rebuilding the footings necessitated proving temporary shoring for the first three levels (the lower half of the building) as the structure is balloon framed through the lower three levels.  The entire structural system from the garden level up through the top sixth level was replaced.  In addition, the entire rear roof was removed and an expansive new dormer with floor to ceiling windows was constructed.  

The redevelopment process included several presentations to the local community group, WSANA (Worcester Square Area Neighborhood Association).  Perpetual engaged the community and was able to obtaining neighborhood support to seek and obtain several building and zoning code variances from the zoning board of appeal in the City of Boston.

The Finished Product

Each of the seven luxury apartments have a different historic character, heating system, air conditioning systems, and private outdoor space.  Perpetual was able to bring this beautiful historic brownstone back to life helping to revitalize the Harrison-Washington Street block of Massachusetts Avenue.  The aesthetic of the highly ornate crown molding, elegant wainscoting at all window locations, ceiling medallions, and oversized historic base, window and door trim were restored and preserved to the highest extent possible.

Finished Product Gallery

Before & After