For the most effective and timely response to your issue please submit all inquiries to This email is distributed to our team and the appropriate team member will respond to your request ASAP. Please only use the emergency phone number for emergencies.


Upon move out tenants must leave the apartment clean. This includes cleaning the appliances, cabinets, window sills, closets etc. Should the apartment not be clean upon move-in the new tenants can higher cleaners directly and submit the invoice to the landlord no later than 7 days after the commencement of the lease. The tenants can also notify the landlord and a cleaner will be scheduled.


Tenants must follow the City guideline for dealing with trash. Trash processing is a very serious issue that the neighborhood residents, City enforcement agents and the landlord take seriously. Please make sure to follow the trash rules and schedule outlined in this link below. The trash cannot be brought out too early and the barrels (if applicable) must be brought off the sidewalk in a timely fashion.

Smoke Detectors

Tampering with smoke detectors is very serious, dangerous and will result in fines. If the detectors are beeping the batteries need to be changed. Tenants can change the batteries and send the landlord a receipt for reimbursement or email and the landlord will have the batteries replaced. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE SMOKE DETECTORS or tenants will be fined.

Resetting Electrical Breakers

From time to time for various reasons some of the electrical breakers may trip and need resetting. This could happen from an electrical surge from the utility company amongst other issues. If you notice that any appliance, light, outlet, heating system or hot water heater does not work please check the circuit breaker. You need to open the door to the panel. All the fuses are in the “on” position when they are toward the center. Try turning off all the circuits (push them toward the outside, the left bank to the left, the right bank to the right). Then turn them back on by pushing them toward the center. You should turn them all off, then back on, even if they do not look off. They can sometimes be moved very slightly and look as if they are on but are actually off.

Lock Outs

Tenants should call Mass Ave Lock at 617.247.9779 for lock out issues. Mass Ave Lock is located at 125 St Botolph Street, Boston, MA 02115. This locksmith manages all the locks for Perpetual buildings and will be able to provide 24 hour emergency service. Should tenants need replacement keys tenants can go to the locksmith 9am-4:30pm Monday through Friday. Tenants are responsible for covering the costs associated with lockouts and should bring a copy of their ID and lease with them to the locksmith.

Garbage Disposal Clogs

Most of the time this is due to a tenant created problem. Try to fix this yourself first. There is a red button on the bottom of the disposal (under the sink, bottom round surface of the disposal) which is a fuse that trips when the disposal gets clogged (usually bottle cap, etc.). Hit this button. The unit should try to turn and you will hear that. But it may still may be jammed. Turn the unit off and try to turn the components at the inside/ bottom of the disposal with something. This will free it up. As a secondary, check the fuse in the breaker box. That may be tripped but unlikely as it’s the secondary fuse for this circuit. Another common issues is that tenants crammed too much stuff below the sink and end up kinking the drain line to the dish washer (a white/ clear plastic tube). Check there is not too much stuff below the sink and that this drain line is not kinked or bent.

Clogged Toilets

Most of the time this is due to a tenant created problem. Try to fix this using a large volume plunger. There are several plunger types and ones with a larger accordion like head are much more likely to fix the problem. Should this not work please email and the management team will call a plumber. Tenants will be responsible for the service call.

Bathroom Sink Clog

Most of the time this is due to a tenant created problem. First try to pull out the stopper and clean it thoroughly as well as run drain-o down the drain. This is usually caused by a build up from shaving or misc. debris. If these two steps do not work please email and a repair will be scheduled.

Light Bulbs

The first set of bulbs upon move-in are provided by the landlord. After move-in tenants are responsible for the light bulbs. Should any bulbs be missing upon move-in the tenant can purchase bulbs and email the receipt to for reimbursement. The tenant can email the landlord specifying which bulbs are missing and a service call will be scheduled. Please email a picture of the missing bulb so maintenance know which bulbs to provide.

Rodents and Bugs

The best measure against rodents and bugs is to be vigilant about keeping food properly stored and not out on the counters. Please make sure dirty plates are cleaned and put away immediately after use. Never take furniture from the street as that is the number one cause of bedbugs entering the apartment.


Please contact National Grid to set up the gas bill in the new tenant’s name. This should be done effective of the lease start date.


Please contact Eversource to set up the gas bill in the new tenant’s name. This should be done effective of the lease start date.

Cable & Internet

Please contact Comcast/ Xfinity or Verizon to set up the gas bill in the new tenant’s name. This should be done effective of the lease start date.


The lint trap must be cleaned after every use. If this is not done the dryer system cannot breath and properly vent and dry clothing. The problem will worsen if the lint tray is not cleaned as lint will be blown into the exhaust duct which will result in a costly service call.

Washing Machine

Please do not overload the washing machine. Overloading the machine with large comforters etc. will ruin the drive belt on the machine. The machine will not be loaded evenly and will spin out of control making excessive noise. If the machine every does this please stop it immediately. Large and oversized items must be washed at the laundromat in the large/ oversized washers.


Tenants agree to keep the heat at a minimum of 55 degrees at all times. Any and all damages resulting from insufficient heat or pipes freezing will be the responsibility of the tenants.

Air Conditioner Reset

Step 1: Most thermostats run their display and control on battery power. To find the batteries in your thermostat take off its cover. Replace the batteries and make sure that the thermostat display is fully working.

Step 2: If that does not work check your circuit breaker in the main electrical panel. The circuit to the AC compressor or air handler may be tripped. Sometimes it’s hard to see that the breaker is actually tripped. Therefore you should turn off and on all the breakers in the circuit box. The right bank turns off by switching to the circuits to the right and back on to the left (center of the panel). The left bank turns off by switching the circuits to the left and back on by switching to the right (center of the panel).

Water Bills

Where the leased premises is a single family home or is sub-metered the tenant is responsible for paying the water bills. For single family homes the tenants should submit payment directly to Boston Water and Sewer Commission. In the case where water is sub-metered at the property the property manager will submit bills to the tenants on a quarterly basis.

Ice Makers

There is a lever in the freezer above the ice tray. Make sure the lever is in the down position which is “on”. This lever will be pushed up by built up ice.

Window Shades

Window shades are the responsibility of the tenants.

Reset Hot Water Heater/ Boiler

Most apartments are fitted with a Navian instant hot water heaters. Make sure the circuit in the main electrical box is ON (turn off all breakers and turn then back on). Also confirm the GFI outlet which the Navian unit is plugged into is ON (there will be a little green light that is lite on the GFI outlet). Sometimes a button needs to be pushed in to reset the outlet (located in the center of the outlet). The next step is to unplug the Navian unit for five minutes then plug it back in. This will reset the computer in the hot water heater/ boiler. Lastly, if the hot water heater/ boiler still does not work then snap a photo of the digital display number on the front of the unit and email that code to maintenance.