Gas & Electric

The utilities must be transferred to your name the day that your lease starts, whether you actually move into the apartment that day or not. You must set up the gas bill with National Grid and the electric bill with Eversource

Eversource Customer Service #: 800.286.200

National Grid Customer Service #: 800.322.3223


You will billed on a quarterly basis for water usage if the building you live in has separate water meters for each unit or is a single family home.  For reference 656 Mass Ave, 658 Mass Ave, 659 Mass Ave residence will be billed quarterly for water usage.  The water usage checks should be dropped off at our office.  There is a mail slot in the door.  Please make sure to put the address and apartment number on the memo of all checks.  Water / sewer bill is due within 7 days of receiving statement which will be emailed out to all residents with payment instructions.  The Sussex Street building are all single family homes and the tenants should set up the water billing with Boston Water and Sewer. 

Boston Water & Sewer Customer Service #: 617.989.7000

Cable & Internet

Dishes cannot be placed on the building. Therefore cable and internet must be provided through a utility company offering wireless or cable service. There is a cable and phone junction box mounted to the rear of the building at the ground level.


Xfinity & Comcast Customer Service #: 800.934.6489

Utility accounts must be set up within 10 days of residency to avoid shut-off. 

Landlord / Property Management is NOT responsible for any damages or inconvenience resulting from utility shut-off as a result of failure to set-up accounts or pay regular bills from utility companies.